Enjoy Everything About A Vacation To Macedonia

There are some truly amazing and interesting vacation destinations located throughout the entire world, and the truth of the matter is that many of the best and most intriguing are often places that many people would not at first consider for themselves. One of those types of places is the Republic of Macedonia. Most people don’t know too much about Macedonia, and most travelers are not aware of all the great experiences that can be had by traveling there. A vacation to Macedonia may not be the first place most travelers think of going, but it definitely can deliver an incredible experience that they won’t soon forget.

The Republic of Macedonia is a landlocked country that sits directly north of Greece. It is filled with high mountain peaks that are not only pretty to look at, but also are popular with adventurous travelers looking to go mountain or rock climbing. There are also a number of high mountain lakes located throughout the country, and it is pretty easy to find both relaxing lakeside communities and protected natural areas. Outdoor recreation is very popular in Macedonia, with some of the more popular activities including hiking, kayaking, boating, swimming, mountain climbing, rock climbing, river rafting, backpacking, and camping. The cities of Macedonia are also something worth experiencing; some of them are distinctly modern, while others are like visiting a living history book. A traveler looking for a vacation unlike any other will be more than pleased with their visit to the Republic of Macedonia.

Where To Go

There are a number of areas in the Republic of Macedonia that are very worthwhile as destinations, each one offering many things that cannot be experienced elsewhere in the country. Skopje is the nations capital city. It is also the most important and most populous city. Ohrid is a lakeside resort community that is fun and inviting. It sits right on the shores of Lake Ohrid which is a popular destination for locals, travelers, and Macedonians from around the region. Bitola is known as the Macedonian city with the most European feel to it. It is the second largest city in the country and it is filled with many great landmarks and aged architecture. Some of the other cities available as destinations include Krusevo, Prilep, Struga, and Kumanovo. Lake Ohrid is enjoyable on all sides of it, not just in the city of Ohrid. It is a popular destination for those wanting to relax by a gorgeous lake surrounded by incredibly scenic mountains.


There are some great activities to participate in when traveling to Macedonia. For those seeking outdoor recreation, the best places to head to are the three national parks the country has. Galicica National Park, Mavrovo National Park, and Pelister National Park are all home to amazing forests, impressive peaks and mountain ranges, and high mountain lakes. Hiking, kayaking, swimming, backpacking, rock climbing, camping, and mountaineering are all possible in Macedonias great out doors. Biking is popular in the country and this is a great way to get some exercise, have fun, and see the sights. Being an active traveler in Macedonia is an extremely easy thing to do. Boating is another popular activity in Macedonia, especially on the water of Lake Ohrid.

The Food

For those that appreciate Balkan food, a visit to Macedonia will be very easy on the palate. Visitors who love grilled meat will love their time in the country as that is one of the staples of most meals. Dining out in Macedonia is a great experience, as the scent of the grilled meats fills the restaurants and downtown areas. Many local dishes also include roasted peppers and tomatoes which are grown locally. With Macedonia being a landlocked country, there are not that many opportunities to dine on seafood. Trout dinners are available though in Ohrid, and other communities on the shores of Lake Ohrid. Macedonia also produces some very good beers that are quite popular with most travelers. The local wines are not the best, but when it comes to drinks, brands from around Europe are usually available in the larger cities and areas catering to tourists.


One of the main joys in going on a vacation is shopping in a new and interesting location. The larger cities in Macedonia have a great selection of local shops, boutiques, and storefronts. Another of the great sources for shopping are the open markets that are found throughout the country. It is in these types of situations that a visitor cannot only find truly unique locally made items, but also have a one of a kind experience getting a real sense of life in Macedonia. The official currency of the country is the denar, but it is quite common to encounter prices quoted in Euros. There are automated teller machines available in most locations, especially the larger cities, and conversion from one currency to another is rather simple and affordable.

Where To Stay

Regardless of what part of Macedonia or what city a traveler stays in, there are a number of options for overnight accommodations. There is resort type lodging available in the more tourist areas of the country like the city of Ohrid, and standard hotels located throughout the nation. B. Rates usually rise during the busier times of the year like late summer, but rooms are plentiful, especially if booked in advance. A popular way to see the country is to travel from one community to the next, staying in private accommodations. Many people in Macedonia bring in extra money by affordably renting out rooms in their homes. Guests wanting to make use of these types of accommodations should try and book them through a local agent and if possible get a look at the room before paying for it. For the more adventurous traveler, or the vacationer wanting to spend time in the great outdoors, camping is also available in many areas of the country.

Things To See

The nation of Macedonia is filled with a great many historically significant sights to see. Though it is not the most famous vacation destination in the world, it has an extremely long history and many structures, landmarks, and areas are well preserved and available to be seen. The things available to see in the country include castles, churches, aqueducts, town squares, and more. Some of the incredible things to see in Macedonia include Sveti Sophia, Skopjes Old Railway Station, Tsar Samuels Fortress, the Bitola Clock Tower, Memorial House of Mother Teresa, and the Skopje Aqueduct. Other things that need to be seen are the outdoor scenic areas preserved in the national parks of Macedonia and Lake Ohrid.

Travel to Macedonia

While there may be other more popular vacation destinations in the world, and even in Europe, there are few that can deliver the types of experiences available in the Republic of Macedonia. There, visitors can escape back to a simpler time and experience Eastern Europe in a way that other locations can’t give them. In fact, many travelers who make the trip to Macedonia often find themselves going back again and again as they fall in love with the Old World rustic charm of the entire country. The scenery is also a much loved feature about the country, and from the agricultural lowlands to the highest of the high mountain peaks, the entire place is absolutely gorgeous. There are still places to go in the world where the vacationer feels like they are seeing and experiencing things that most other people are not, and one of those places is the beautiful nation of Macedonia.