Five Little Known Facts About The Vacation Destination Of Macedonia

Vacations are a time when a couple or family can get away from their home life and experience something fun, unusual, exciting, or even incredibly interesting. There are a number of different vacation destinations that a potential traveler can choose from when trying to decide where to spend their valuable vacation time. From Caribbean beaches, to large metropolitan areas, to rustic and rural locations, there are many different destinations that all offer great experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. For a truly unique experience though, a traveler can instead choose to travel to an area of the world that is well of the beaten path.

The Republic of Macedonia sits in the southeast region of Europe and is a former state of the nation of Yugoslavia that achieved its independence in 1991. This landlocked nation has an incredibly long and interesting history that literally dates back centuries. There are also a large number of attractions and locations in the country that are still left over from that time and are available to visit. Travelers come to Macedonia for more than just the opportunity to see historical attractions though. Many travelers venture there to see the incredible high mountains and thick forests that are popular sights in Macedonia. Outdoor recreation in these areas, as well as on the many deep and large lakes in the nation is also a popular draw to the country. When it comes right down to it, Macedonia is a truly fabulous vacation destination. If you plan to visit Macedonia, use an online service such as Expedia to book your next ticket. Expedia has good deals throughout the world and you can get a reduced fare if you find an Expedia coupon for discounts. These coupons can often be found on Apply these coupons at checkout.

Here are five little known facts about the vacation destination of Macedonia.

1. Sitting on its southern border, Macedonias Lake Ohrid is considered to be one of the oldest lakes in the entire world. It is nearly 19 miles long and just over nine miles wide. It is one of the deepest lakes in the region with a maximum depth of more than 900 feet measured in some places. The cities of Ohrid and Struga sit on the Macedonian shores of Lake Ohrid and they are very popular with tourists. There are also many fishing villages along the coast of the lake that are well worth visiting too.

2. The city of Skopje is much traveled to, owing in large part to the fact that it sits on a major north south route that connects Belgrade in the north with Athens in the south. The city is the largest city and capital of Macedonia, and much of the nations industry is found or at least headquartered there. One of the more important public places in Skopje is Macedonia Square. This large public gathering place was made larger in 1963 when a massive earthquake hit and destroyed several buildings that once lined the square and have never been replaced.

3. The Republic of Macedonia was once part of Yugoslavia. Upon the breakup of the Yugoslavian nation in 1991, Macedonia was one of the newly independent nations that emerged from the once larger Yugoslavia. The naming of the country caused an intense disagreement between it and the nation of Greece to the south. Greek Macedonia is a region in northern Greece and the Greek government attempted for years to have Macedonia be known as another name. So far the name has stayed, although the Greek government still has many open protests lodged against it.

4. The city of Bitola is one of the major Macedonian cities located in the southern portion of the nation. The city sits very close to the border with Greece and is a major stop for those traveling into and out of this region. One of the most notable sights to see in Bitola is the citys clock tower. Interestingly, there is no solid agreed upon evidence stating when this clock tower was built, although some writings suggest it may have been as far back as the 1500s. There is a local legend that thousands of eggs were gathered from villages around the city and mixed in with the mortar to help strengthen the clock towers walls.

5. Ohrid is one of the larger cities in the Republic of Macedonia and it sits on the eastern shore of Lake Ohrid. Ohrid is home to many beautiful homes, some available for travelers to stay in on a short term basis, as well as hundreds of churches. The architecture found in the city is simply beautiful. One of the more interesting structures to visit in Ohrid is Samuils Fortress. This historic fortification was built overlooking the Old Town area of the city and is a noticeable and impressive piece of the Ohrid skyline. Portions of the fortress date back to as early as the fourth century.

While there are other more popular and famous vacation destinations in Europe, a trip to Macedonia provides experiences that not only cannot be duplicated elsewhere, but are also vastly different from the vacation experiences that others have when they travel to the continent. Macedonia is a high quality destination that offers high quality experiences both in its cities as well as off in its more undeveloped areas. Travelers going to Macedonia will be rewarded with memories and experiences that truly stand out when compared to what they have taken from other vacation destinations. A Macedonian vacation can be something truly meaningful and special in the life of the vacationer who goes there.