Macedonians in the USA

Macedonian immigrants started to arrive in America in the late 19th century. Often coming from the Bansko region, in current Bulgaria, most had been educated by American missionaries, which encouraged them to migrate to the United States. Later in the early 20th century, probably over 50,000 Macedonian came from the Macedonian region in Greece. At that time, Macedonian was not a national identification as it was only a specific part of the Bulgarian identity.

The ethnic identification as Macedonian started in the the early 1930s and increased after World War II, owing to the creation of the People's Republic of Macedonia within Yugoslavia.

New York welcomed the higher number of Macedonians, as well as other cities of the Northeastern United States, especially Detroit, where about 10,000 Macedonians (almost 20% of all Macedonian Americans) settled.

Macedonians in Detroit


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From the mighty city that gave the automobile to a quaint Victorian Island where no cars are allowed, Michigan is a state of contrasts, colored by cherry blossoms and sparkling lakeshore. Detroit is in Southern Michigan, first stop! Detroit, as you drive around the Motor City, thank Henry Ford. In 1896 be started America's love affair with the automobile when he cruised in his motorized quadri cycle from Detroit to Dearborn, the most important nine miles ever driven. In 1914, when Ford offered people $ 5 a day to work on his invention, the moving assembly line, thousands of tenant farmers and sharecroppers resettled in Detroit.

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Area: 96810 sq.mi, 11th Land 56809 sq. mi., 22nd - Water 40001 sq.mi., 2nd Great Lakes 38,192 sq.mi., 1st
Population: 10 Millions
Economy: Agriculture: Dairy products, apples, blueberries, cattle, vegetables, hogs, corn, nursery stock, soybeans.
Industry: Motor vehicles and parts, machinery, fabricated metal products, food processing, chemical products, mining, tourism.
Topography: Low rolling hills give way to northern tableland of hilly belts in the Lower Penninsula; Upper Penninsula is level in the east, with swampy areas, the western region is higher and more rugged.
Statehood: January 26, 1837
State Bird: Robin
State Flower: Apple Blossom